Fitness Club Cardio Monitoring – Fitmetrix

Fitmetrix got started in 2013 when founders Monica Dioda (CEO) and Josh Lloyd (CTO) saw an opportunity to build cardio monitoring solution onto the Mindbody platform (which is super popular but lacked any heart rate monitoring solution).  From there they’ve built up a nice market presence and added a lot of integrations, which their CTO Josh Lloyd spoke about in his podcast with Josh Trent of FIT-C.   I won’t rehash the podcast, you should just listen to it.  I really liked the discussion at the end about integrations with insurance companies since that is one important intersection point of fitness and the health care system.  We sorely need better alignment of financial incentives and lifestyle modifications.  This is one of many places where we can nudge things the right way.

Fitmetrix integrates with popular gym equipment, so it can pull workout load data (cycling power, rowing power, speed, etc.) as well as HR data via any ANT+ HR belt.  Fitmetrix provides receivers to install in studio to gather the data, for both real-time display in the class as well as post workout analysis for the member.   They also have integrations to popular wearables like Garmin, Polar, Suunto, and Wahoo for outside the club tracking.   They also integrate with other member engagement apps like Perkville. If you want to add cardio monitoring to your club, I’d highly recommend you check them out.

If you are interested in the financial side of things, MindBody is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and has been one of the big winners in my portfolio.   There are only so many public fit-tech companies in this space so if you are bullish on this market you might check them out.

Here’s the link to the FIT-C podcast: