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Marketing, Fitness Data, Missing Links

I spent a day this week in the city (that’s San Francisco for those of you not in the “Bay area”) and besides the fabulous weather I enjoyed meeting with the head of biz dev at one of the industry’s hottest fit-tech/wearables companies, as well as checking out the Marketo Summit.   In case you don’t know who Marketo are, they are one of the leaders in marketing automation.   When you get an email from a company every month and the content is tailored based on the products you’ve ordered before, or when you click a web page and a few days letter magically get an email offer for the product you looked at, that capability is provided by some marketing automation solution.

Marketing automation tools rely on insight into customer behavior.  This can come from lots of sources – social media, data providers (it’s a bit scary how much data about you is for sale), records of buying behavior, as well as more direct interactions with the customer, such as click behavior on your website, engagement with customer support, etc.   One of my guiding viewpoints is that all that data being generated by fitness wearables presents a huge opportunity to gain customer insight, and although the Marketo show was a very horizontally targeted I did not see anyone talking about this opportunity.   One challenge is getting the customer to agree to give you access to the data – but if you are a trusted advisor (say a gym with personal trainers who can use the data to help the customer) that’s a surmountable challenge.  And if your marketing is smart and value-added, it will be well received.  This is an area of ongoing study for me, so I hope to share more on it as I go.

As long as I’m sharing info on what I learned at the show, here’s a handful of other (somewhat random) companies I checked out that I found interesting for one reason or another:

Bedrock Data – SaaS integration and data push/pull, targeted at the SMB.  Sort of a Snaplogic or Dell Boomi but priced and spec’d for the little guy.

Elixiter – Marketo consultants / implementation experts.  Based in Montana, tech center of the US.  Ha ha.  Seriously, I bet they all have a better quality of life than 99% of the people in Silicon Valley.

Spear Marketing – Just some nice guys in the marketing business.

Inside View – data aggregation to drive better customer insights and lead scoring.  B2B focused.  These guys provide a lot of that user data that I mentioned above to help you mage your sales funnel and do lead scoring.

Sprinklr – Hootsuite for the enterprise.

PFL – they merge your online and offline  with mailers and other customer engagement tools.

LeadMD – Scottsdale based Marketo (and Salesforce) implementation consultants.  If you are considering moving business apps to the cloud but think you need help, there’s a whole ecosystem of companies who can help you.  LeadMD is one such company.